Ted Nugent Pulls Out of Singing Anthem at Pro-Police Event

Police Benevolent Association (PBA) caved to 6 commie/democrat politicians who were all butthurt

Source: Newsmax

Musician Ted Nugent on Saturday backed out of singing the National Anthem at a “Back the Blue” demonstration, citing quarantine orders and Nassau County’s protest protocols.

“After being reminded of New York State’s quarantine orders and Nassau County’s protest protocols, Ted Nugent will no longer be attending tomorrow’s march in Eisenhower Park,”

Laura Curran
Nassau County Executive

Six Democratic Nassau County lawmakers on Thursday slammed the Police Benevolent Association for inviting Nugent, known for his outspoken conservative political views and advocacy of gun ownership rights and hunting, to sing at their event.

  • “During his life in the public eye, Ted Nugent has consistently espoused racist, misogynistic, homophobic, anti-Semitic and xenophobic bile,”
  • “The vitriol he espouses is an affront to the promise of ‘liberty and justice for all’ that is central to our nation’s Pledge of Allegiance.”
  • Additionally, “the Nassau County (Police Benevolent Association)’s embrace of Ted Nugent is a slap in the face to the nearly 1.4 million Nassau County residents that their members have taken an oath to serve and protect,”
  • “They must disavow this vile man immediately, disinvite him from Saturday’s rally and apologize to Nassau County residents for their appalling lack of judgment.”

The PBA on Friday said it would not attend the event if Nugent was present.

“We do not and will not condone his remarks and views, and have advised the event’s organizers that we will not participate in or support any rally that he attends,”

James McDermott
President – Nassau County PBA

Ted Nugent Pulls Out of Singing Anthem at Pro-Police Event