Judge Orders Federal Agents to Keep Hands Off Journalists at Portland Protests

What the HELL is a ‘legal observer’?

As a former journalist, I know that some reporters and photographers CAN and DO get ‘in the way’!

Journalist’s Rule #1….Don’t become part of the story!

source: CBS News

Portland, Oregon — A federal judge specifically blocked U.S. agents from arresting or using physical force against journalists and legal observers at the ongoing Portland, Oregon, protests that have sparked confrontations between local officials and President Trump over the limits of federal power.

U.S. Judge Michael Simon made his ruling late Thursday, a day after Portland’s mayor was tear-gassed by federal agents as he made an appearance outside a federal courthouse during raucous demonstrations. Protesters have gathered in Oregon’s largest city for nearly two months straight since George Floyd was killed in Minneapolis.

A large crowd of demonstrators was out again Thursday night, chanting and holding signs near the Mark O. Hatfield Federal Courthouse.

The protesters stuck together and chanted after federal troops used tear gas and flash bangs several times against them as some launched fireworks and started a few fires outside the courthouse, reports CBS Portland affiliate KOIN-TV. Until then, it had been a mostly peaceful demonstration attended by what was estimated to be more than 2,000 people.

Shortly before 2 a.m., federal troops dispersed members of the media at an intersection after tear gas was deployed at numerous city blocks surrounding the courthouse, KOIN said. Evidence of pepper balls and other crowd control munitions were found near area streets. There appeared to be groups of protesters clashing with federal police at nearby city blocks. 

Judge Simon had previously ruled that journalists and legal observers are exempt from police orders requiring protesters to disperse once an unlawful assembly has been declared. Federal lawyers intervened, saying journalists should have to leave when ordered.

Portland is lookin’ like Fallujah….. Let the federal troops do their job save what is left of the City of Roses.

Judge orders federal agents to keep hands off journalists at Portland protests

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