Gun Toting Kids As Young As 10 Carjacking Cars In Chicago

Not surprised by anything I hear coming out of Chi-Town. It’s a crooked town from the top to the below the swamp scum.

Source: ZeroHedge

The Trump administration is expecting that trillions of dollars in fiscal injections with trillions more of monetary crack from the Federal Reserve can boost the economy and revert economic activity to the “good ol’ days.” However, decades of Democratically-controlled big government in inner cities is learning that the promise of progressive policies and printing/borrowing their way out of economic collapse has yet to prevent social decay, let alone, socio-economic turmoil within American cities. 

It’s why President Trump is sending hundreds of federal agents to inner cities as record-high stock market prices have yet to translate into economic revival for “lawless” communities where high unemployment plagues low-income households. 

The administration can blame the other political party for the socio-economic decay, or we can simply point the finger at decades of failed monetary policy, resulting in the widest wealth inequality in history. So when a virus-induced recession comes along, inner-city households with no savings, insurmountable debts, and non-asset holders, are instantly wiped out when businesses close, and layoffs surge. 

The chaos unfolding in Chicago is a perfect example of social disintegration. After years of worsening murder rates – earning the city the nickname ‘Chiraq’, there’s now an armed gang of children carjacking folks at gunpoint. 

Chicago police say the children, ages 10-17, have been on a carjacking spree across Chicago’s South Side, which started in late June. 

The group of kids, in two incidents, have discharged weapons in broad daylight as they approached their victims.

People in the community are terrified about these armed kids:

  • “I’m scared to use my garage. I don’t feel safe in my neighborhood,” carjacking victim and school teacher Alyssa Blanchard told Fox 5.

Blanchard said her BMW was stolen and used by the kids to carjack a woman at Trinity Hospital.

  • “I don’t want to have to tell my kid about how some young woman was killed or shot with kids using my vehicle. It was traumatizing,” she said.

Blanchard said she was carjacked on July 14 by the children.

  • “It was so instantaneous … I was just scared for my life. I thought, ‘this is it,'” she said.

Blanchard said she was horrified to see young children involved in this type of violent crime.

Maybe it’s time for local government administrators to stop ignoring the social-economic collapse of American cities uner their watch and cease the farce of ‘defunding the police’ – how is that going to make the scared people above feel any safer?

While the president’s plan to send federal law enforcement into cities is a way to get the collapse under control – it certainly won’t solve the wealth, health, and education inequalities that have been building for decades among low-income households. Nevertheless, handing out free money, similar to universal basic income, won’t solve the wealth inequality problem.

What’s even more ridiculous is Democratic freshman representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s latest comment about surging inner-city crime is because low-income folks are “stealing bread to feed their kids.” 

Deep structural change is needed; at the moment, there are no solutions offered by the administration and the central bank that will solve the inner city crisis. 

So, in the meantime, kids running around with guns in Chicago, reenacting what they saw on the Grand Theft Auto video game, is simply not surprising. Another thing to remember, some Democratically controlled cities are refusing to jail minors as police departments are being defunded, which allows criminal gangs to employ kids to steal cars. This is also happening in Baltimore…. 

Gun Toting Kids As Young As 10 Carjacking Cars In Chicago