CA City Erases BLM Street Vandalism After ‘MAGA’ Request

All Lives Matter, Mutha Fuckers! White, Red, Yellow, Blue, black, Baby and whatever other color you come up with

Source: The Washington Times

A California city stripped away a Black Lives Matter street mural rather than allow a pro-Trump mural to be painted on its streets.

According to a report in the Sacramento Bee, Redwood City not only approved the mural near its Courthouse Square over the Independence Day weekend but even supplied the yellow poster paint.

But the mural was erased last week by the city’s power-washing crews.

Redwood City made the decision after a local attorney noted that the city was letting the Courthouse Square be used as a public forum.

Maria Rutenberg requested permission to paint a “MAGA 2020” mural nearby.

Afterward, according to BLM mural organizer Daniel Pease, city officials told him his mural had to go for violating traffic and vehicle codes.

Mr. Pease told the San Mateo Times that he was “upset and frustrated” that anyone would think that “Black Lives Matter” is a controversial political opinion with other points-of-view possible.

CA City Erases BLM Street Vandalism After ‘MAGA’ Request