National Martini Day

Shaken……Not stirred!

source: National Day Calendar

On June 19th, shake up some gin and vermouth with ice and add a lemon twist. It’s National Martini Day! 

This adult beverage has grown to become one of the best-known mixed drinks. A traditional or perfect Martini is made with equal parts gin and vermouth. For anyone who has never had a Martini, we have a list of terms to help get you started. 

Martini Lingo
  • Dirty – This Martini includes olive brine or juice from the olive jar.
  • Dry – The vermouth is decreased significantly in the Martini, and gin becomes the primary spirit. Extra dry tips the ratio even further.
  • Gibson – Instead of an olive, bartenders garnish the Martini with a pickled onion.
  • Shaken vs. Stirred – Most bartenders will tell you that the better Martini is stirred. Shaken Martinis tend to be inferior due to a couple of reasons – ice chips water down the drink, and shaking the Martini adds air to the cocktail. A stirred Martini results in a smoother, fuller experience.
  • Straight Up – This Martini may be either shaken or stirred, but it is strained and served without ice – the opposite of a Martini on the rocks. 
  • Smoky or Burnt – Scotch whisky replaces the vermouth in this Martini. A twist of lemon garnishes the glass.
  • Wet – Where the dry Martini has less vermouth, this one has more.
  • With a Twist – The bartender adds a thin strip of citrus peel to the Martini as a garnish or in the drink. 

Shaken, stirred, on the rocks, that’s what you need to know to order traditional Martinis. 

June 19 is National Martini Day!

Calamity Jane