Ford To Reveal New Bronco: On OJ’s Birthday

Purely Coincidence?

Maybe….. Maybe not!

source: International Business Times

Ford (F) is unveiling its new Bronco 4×4 on July 9, the birthday of the man who tied the SUV to a grisly crime forever– football icon O.J. Simpson.

Simpson, a NFL Hall of Famer, drove his white 1993 Ford Bronco around Los Angeles on the day he was charged with killing his ex-wife Nicole Simpson and her friend, Ronald Goldman. The date of the chase was June 17,1994 — 26 years ago Wednesday. 

Millions watched Simpson live on television – going at a slower-than-normal speed – on Interstate 405, being followed by dozens of police cruisers.

Ford pulled the plug on the model in 1996, citing slumping sales.

“The launch of comeback Bronco on Simpson’s birthday is “purely coincidental……We’re going to reveal Bronco just like we said we would on July 9.”

Mike Levine
Ford Spokesman

Ford pushed back the reveal by several weeks because of the coronavirus.

The Bronco will be available at dealers in 2021, along with a smaller Bronco Sport model.

Ford To Reveal Bronco 4×4 On OJ Simpson’s Birthday: ‘Purely Coincidence’

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