God’s In Control, But Owning A 12ga Doesn’t Hurt, Charlie Daniels

The devil went down to congress, he was lookin’ for a soul to steal, he was in a bind ’cause he was way behind and he was willin’ to make a deal!

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As America reels from the one-two punch of the coronavirus pandemic and the resulting economic devastation, followed by the third strike of rioting over the death of a black man in police custody in Minneapolis, country-rock superstar Charlie Daniels says there are things only God controls.

But it doesn’t hurt to own a 12-gauge.

In his latest Soap Box Column, he said politicians are trying “to take advantage” and media are trying “to scare us even more than we are already.”

“The pandemic, the economy, the seeming shutdown of almost everything along with the violence on the streets is enough to keep you depressed, despondent, afraid and confused,”

Charlie Daniels

So he has several suggestions, including not watching the news all day.

“You’re basically not getting anything new, and the media loves to beat the same old tired horse, and the worse scenario they can project the better they like it,”

Second, remember that some politicians and media outlets want “to paint the darkest picture they can conjure up to scare the public into going along with profligate spending and loss of personal freedoms.”

Next, focus on meeting the needs of your family and don’t buy into the idea that those “busting up storefronts and setting police cars on fire” can “overcome our society.”

Lastly, if you don’t own a firearm, “get one, and it doesn’t have to be a 9mm semi-automatic or an AK-47.”

“Get something you can handle and are not afraid of. The more basic, the better, the best home protection I know of is a double-barreled 12-gauge shotgun with hammers you cock by hand before you shoot, it doesn’t jam and when loaded with double aught buckshot and both barrels fired simultaneously, can take down any three people coming through your front door,”

Charlie Daniels

And, above all, there are “things that happen in this world that man has no control whatsoever over.”

“A farmer can plant a seed, but he can’t make it grow. A baby can be delivered into the world, but no one can make it start breathing. A doctor can treat, prescribe medicine and perform surgery, but he cannot heal,”

“All these things require the touch of the Creator’s hand, to cause a seed to grow, a baby to breathe, a medicine to heal and the answer to a cure for a deadly pandemic.”

“Man can discover, experiment, develop, test and administer drugs and therapies, but he cannot make them work. The knowledge to develop a cure for coronavirus will have to be imparted by Almighty God.”

Charlie Daniels

God’s In Control, But Owning A 12ga Doesn’t Hurt, Charlie Daniels