Army Now Open To Changing Names Of Posts Named After Confederate Leaders

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Source: The Western Journal

High-ranking officials at the Pentagon are now warm to a discussion about renaming U.S. military bases and installations which are named after confederate military fighters.

Amid the nation’s civil unrest following the death of George Floyd, a black man who died while in the custody of police in Minneapolis in May, demands to remove or rename monuments, symbols and places which honor Confederate leaders from the American Civil War have grown louder.

According to multiple reports, conversations are being held among the military’s top officials about what to do with bases that bear the name of Confederate fighters.

An anonymous senior official in the US Army told Fox News that the country’s military leadership is closely monitoring national sentiment against honoring Confederate military commanders and might adopt a new policy after years of avoiding the topic.

“We must recognize history is important, but we must come together and have some sort of open discussion about race,”

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US Army

“This week highlighted the need to start understanding those feelings and the Army secretary is open to considering changing the names of these bases named for Confederate generals.”

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According to Politico, Secretary of Defense Mark Esper and Secretary of the Army Ryan McCarthy are also both in support of a bipartisan discussion on the matter.

In a statement, the Army confirmed to CNN on Monday that Esper and McCarthy are open to discussion, but added that “each Army installation is named for a soldier who holds a significant place in our military history” and “the historic names represent individuals, not causes.”

The Commandant of the Marine Corps, Gen. David H. Berger, tweeted last week that his branch is also monitoring the national discussion.

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“Current events are a stark reminder that we must strive to eliminate division. The trust we place in one another on a daily basis demands this. By listening, we learn, by learning, we change,”

Gen Berger

There are currently 10 U.S. military facilities named after Confederate leaders:

Fort Rucker in Alabama; Forts Benning and Gordon in Georgia; Fort Polk and Camp Beauregard in Louisiana; Fort Bragg in North Carolina; Fort Hood in Texas; and Forts Pickett, A.P. Hill, and Lee in Virginia.

The military has previously avoided the topic of renaming the installations.

Army Now Open To Changing Names Of Posts Named After Confederate Leaders