Favorite Car: Which You Owned

If you are a child of the 50’s, 60’s, or 70’s, by now you’ve owned a bunch of cars. (Don’tcha wish ya had all that money back?)

Whether it was your first car that set ya back a few hundred bucks or that spiffy new sports car that you treated yourself to when you could finally afford to pony up the scratch. Didn’t ya just love tooling around in that bad boy?

Everybody has a favorite ride. If you were an average high school kid, your first car was probably a used rust bucket. You could barely afford to gas it up!…….. But, HEY!…. You had wheels!

Was your ‘special little bucket-o-bolts’ a ‘beater’? You know…. One of those pieces of junk that just kept on running and always got ya where ya wanted to go, even though you neglected the poor machine and NEVER checked the oil.

Or was your special ride pampered and polished? One of those vehicles that never really got driven, just backed in and out of the garage for its weekly wash and wax?

OH!….. And ya probably had a name for your little ‘precious’!

For the record, Calamity Jane’s favorite vehicle was a red 1987 Jeep Wrangler…..It drained my wallet of $10,600 in cold hard earned cash!…….No A/C….No power windows!…… NO NOTHIN’!…… 5 speed stick and a big ol’ straight 6!……. Loved that JEEP!….. It always got me where I needed to go!…… Ol’ Red would get me up my 100 yard long driveway through 20 inches of snow without breaking a sweat!….I finally had to ‘put it down’ with nearly 300K mile on it!….. It was a great ride!

The world IS better in a Jeep!

So!….Tell us all about your special ride!

Calamity Jane