LA Rams: ‘Really Powerful’ Meeting in Wake of George Floyd Death

Another reason to hate the NFL!!!

Floyd’s death should NEVER have happened. The matter is now in the hands of the justice system. The first paragraph pissed me off! The words in BOLD are what triggered me!

There are at least a dozen LEOs dead because of the rioting and protests. Even more innocent citizens lost their lives trying to protect their property or by simply being at the wrong place at the wrong time!

At this point, Floyd’s death has taken a backseat to the terrorism, rioting, looting and destruction of our cities. But some, possibly all NFL teams will allow their players to protest on the field.

Many Americans were looking forward to the upcoming NFL season after a horrendous start to 2020 with the Covid-19 lockdown quarantine debacle. BUT!……

Enough is enough!

Ya just lost me NFL!

Calamity Jane

source: Rams Wire

Given the current state of America, Rams coach Sean McVay put football on the back burner and brought the tragic death of George Floyd to the forefront during Monday’s team meeting. Rather than continuing to work through the virtual offseason and game-planning for the 2020 season, McVay opened the floor to his players.

Speaking to reporters on Tuesday, McVay said it was a “really powerful” team meeting where players shared their experiences and their thoughts on the social injustice that has taken place in the United States.

He took the opportunity to educate himself on experiences players have had throughout their lives.

Defensive tackle Sebastian Joseph-Day appreciated McVay’s approach to the team meeting on Monday, sharing this on Twitter to show his gratitude.

While it’s currently unclear if any Rams players participated in any of the protests that have taken place in recent days, McVay said he would support any kind of demonstration by a player in response to the recent events.

On Tuesday, Rams players took part in a movement that was declared “#BlackoutTuesday.”

McVay has repeatedly been praised by players for his ability to relate to them, as well as the support he shows on a regular basis. This latest decision to turn a football meeting into one where players could voice their opinions and share their experiences with each other is another example of why McVay is a coach that guys love playing for.

Rams had ‘really powerful’ team meeting in wake of recent events

Calamity Jane