WWII Memorial Is Vandalized

May these vandals receive payback every day of their life and the suffering extend to their blood kin as well. Worthless sacks of shit.

Source: Stars and Stripes

WASHINGTON — The National World War II Memorial was among the landmarks in the nation’s capital that were vandalized amid weekend protests.

In the wake of the death of African American George Floyd, the vandals asked in graffiti on the outside of the memorial’s central fountain whether black veterans count. The Friends of the National World War II Memorial responded to the question affirmatively on Twitter, adding that the memorial honors and remembers the one million black veterans who served.

According to the National Park Service, several memorials across Washington, D.C., were vandalized, including the Lincoln Memorial, where someone asked “Y’all not tired yet?”

According to various reports, several people were charged with rioting in the city, and several cops received non life-threatening injuries. WTOP reported that one officer needed surgery for a leg fracture after being hit with a brick.

WWII Memorial Is Vandalized