Two Men Cross Border Into AZ, Start Fires, Then Return To Mexico

America’s Border Security is a Joke. Millions of Illegals in this Country and the Government is only concerned that they receive a Covid-19 Supplement check!

Source: Breitbart

Border security cameras captured the events as two men crossed the border from Mexico into Arizona and set two fires before fleeing back across the border. The men set the fires in the Cocopah Tribal Land in an area where only a vehicle barrier secures the border.

Yuma Sector Chief Patrol Agent Carl E. Landrum tweeted a video on Friday showing two subjects who illegally crossed the border in southwest Arizona. The video shows the men setting two separate fires in the Cocopah Tribal Land area along the border.

“The subjects then returned to Mexico, leaving behind a raging inferno that local fire crews risked their lives to put out,”

USBP Security Camera

This is an example of the types of border barriers being replaced by the Trump administration. These vehicle barriers do nothing to stop people from crossing the border. And, the proximity to a major roadway in Mexico provides easy access to human and drug smugglers to move their cargo across the border and into the United States. Many sections in the Yuma and El Centro Sectors have already been replaced with 30-foot bollard wall systems that include electronic surveillance technology and all-weather roads to allow Border Patrol agents to quickly respond.

Two Men Cross Border Into AZ, Start Fires, Then Return To Mexico