Metal Drummer Meets Satan, Decides He Is Not Cool

Listening to metal is a hell of it’s own. Sounds like more drugs involved than what the doctors administered.

Source: The Western Journal

A death metal drummer who says he had a vision of himself in “Hell” while comatose emerged from his experience with a better understanding of what type of character rules the underworld.

Death Angel drummer Will Carroll was put into a coma by doctors after being rushed to the hospital on March 18, according to an account of the musician’s ordeal in the San Francisco Chronicle.

Carroll was originally put under after a coronavirus infection left him fighting for his life.

When he woke up 12 days later, the drummer discovered that medical experts had kept him alive with the use of a ventilator.

The most shocking thing for Carroll was seemingly the fact that he wasn’t dead and in the clutches of Satan, but alive and well after a horrific experience.

After being chemically paralyzed, the death metal musician says that he was cast into Hell.

There, he says he met up with the underworld’s chief resident. Instead of an ugly goat-like monster with horns and a tail, Carroll says the satanic being took the form of a woman.

To punish him for an indolent and slothful life, Satan transformed the drummer into a grotesque beast, Carroll said.

The musician claims he found himself in a body that looked like that of Jabba the Hutt from Star Wars. In this form, Carroll says he threw up blood and even suffered a heart attack.

Thankfully, Carroll was ripped from the experience after recovering significantly.

“I woke up on the hospital bed with tubes coming in and out of me and there was a nurse right there and my first words were, ‘Am I still in Hell?’”

Will Carroll
Death Angel Drummer

The nurse ignored him, he said.

For Carroll, the experience will definitely change up some of his former habits, but it doesn’t appear that the rocker is ready to embrace the teetotaler lifestyle just yet.

The musician said he won’t touch hard alcohol and will ease up on his consumption of marijuana, but he’ll still partake in lighter spirits and consumable cannabis.

Metal Drummer Meets Satan, Decides He Is Not Cool