NASA Green Lights First Manned Launch Since 2011

A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket with the Crew Dragon Spacecraft onboard during a brief static fire test ahead of NASA’s SpaceX Demo-2 Mission.

Source: Newsmax

NASA has given the green light to send a manned SpaceX capsule to the International Space Station next week from Florida.

The space agency announced that its flight readiness review did not uncover any issues, reported. As of now, the May 27 launch — the first manned flight of a SpaceX capsule and the first manned rocket launch on U.S. soil since 2011 when the space shuttle program was retired — is a go.

“The Flight Readiness Review has concluded, and NASA’s SpaceX Demo-2 mission is cleared to proceed toward liftoff on the first crewed flight of the agency’s Commercial Crew Program,”

NASA Official

Later during a press briefing, NASA associate administrator Steve Jurczyk said, “It was an excellent review. There are no significant open issues, I am happy to report.”

Two American astronauts — retired Marine Col. Doug Hurley and Air Force Col. Bob Behnken — will be in the capsule when it lifts off from the Kennedy Space Center next week. They will rendezvous with the Space Station sometime around 24 hours later. Their length of stay on the ISS has yet to be determined, but NASA said the capsule can stay in orbit for about 110 days.

Among those planning to watch the launch in person is President Donald Trump, according to Politico

“Our destiny, beyond the Earth, is not only a matter of national identity, but a matter of national security,”

Donald Trump

Rep. Michael Waltz, R-Fla., said he plans to travel on Air Force One with Trump to see the historic launch.

“With everything going on, the relaunch of America, the relaunch of our economy, the relaunch of Florida, the symbolism I think is really exciting,”

Rep. Michael Waltz
R – FL

NASA Green Lights First Manned Launch Since 2011