PA Health Officials Quietly Alter Erroneous Nursing Home Case Death Counts as Providers Cry Foul

PA has become a joke in this never-ending shitshow!

source: Spotlight PA

HARRISBURG — Two days after the state released a long sought-after list of nursing homes where the coronavirus has infected or killed residents or staff, Pennsylvania’s top health official admitted there are errors in the data.

“I have heard that there were a small number of errors,” Secretary of Health Rachel Levine said Thursday, after being confronted by lawmakers who said facilities in their districts were reporting different numbers of cases than the state had posted on its website. “We’re correcting those.”

The secretary’s comments sought to minimize the extent of the problem, as nursing home owners and the associations that represent them say the health department’s data is riddled with inaccuracies and, despite knowing about it for days, officials took little action in response.

Provider associations said publishing erroneous data has sown panic and anger among family members, distrust among nursing home staff, and frustration for providers.

“Minutes after the data was published, it became clear it contained inconsistent and inaccurate information……..The Department of Health has not provided a plausible explanation for why it will not remove faulty data or alert the public that the posted data is inaccurate.”

Zach Shamberg
President/CEO of the Pennsylvania Health Care Association

A review by Spotlight PA found the department has been quietly making changes to the data since its release. In perhaps the most egregious examples, the state until Wednesday reported 20 deaths at the Jewish Home of Eastern Pennsylvania and 32 at Saunders House in Montgomery County.

But by Thursday, without any notation or acknowledgment, the state’s data showed no deaths at either facility. On Friday, the department released another version of the list that showed the death count at the Jewish Home as “not available,” while Saunders House was listed as between 1 and 4.

The Pennsylvania Health Care Association first notified the department of inaccuracies Tuesday evening, just hours after the list was posted. On a call with the health department Wednesday, the association asked for the data to be taken down, but health officials refused, Shamberg said. The association is now threatening legal action to force the department to remove the information until it can be corrected.

Pennsylvania health officials quietly alter erroneous nursing home case, death counts as providers cry foul

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