Trump Campaign Debuts ‘The Right View’

Conservative Entertainment on the Tube

Source: Newsmax

President Donald Trump’s campaign is giving women with conservative views a show of their own to watch. 

“The Right View” women’s talk show launched Wednesday night. The show will rival ABC’s liberal-leaning “The View.” 

The new series will air weekly online at 8 p.m EDT. It is hosted by senior women from the Trump campaign, including Trump’s daughter-in-law Lara Trump, former Fox News host Kimberly Guilfoyle, Mercedes Schlapp and Katrina Pierson, Just the News reports.

“For too long, women on ABC’s ‘The View’ have believed they represent all women’s views. They project the fake news’ narrative to viewers across the country and are obsessed with their blatant hatred of President Trump.”

Mercedes Schlapp
Trump Senior Adviser

She said the new series, which has a theme song and live-audience soundtrack, will “make talk shows great again by breaking through the mainstream media’s deception and providing the facts about President Trump’s clear record of accomplishment.”

The show is the latest program in the campaign’s startup digital television network “Trump TV.” 

The Trump campaign has reported that more than 1 million viewers participated in each of the campaign’s daily online broadcasts over the past seven weeks. 

Trump Campaign Debuts ‘The Right View’