Ted Cruz Gets Haircut at Shelley Luther’s Salon

Take a little off the top and can I get a mask touch up… the gray is showing.

Source: The Washington Times

Sen. Ted Cruz got a haircut Friday at the Dallas salon owned by Shelley Luther, who was jailed this week for reopening her business during the statewide shutdown over COVID-19.

The Republican senator arrived about 10 a.m. at Salon À la Mode, where a stylist wearing a face mask trimmed his hair, according to footage aired by NBC DFW. Mr. Cruz and the other stylists at the salon also wore masks.

“I’m proud to stand with Shelley Luther. What happened to her was wrong. It was ridiculous to see somebody sentenced to seven days in jail for cutting hair. That’s not right. That’s not justice. That’s not Texas.”

Ted Cruz

Salons of all kinds were permitted to reopen in Texas Friday, one day after Ms. Luther was released from jail for violating a cease-and-desist letter from Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins after she continued to operate her business in violation of the governor’s stay-at-home order.

During her sentencing Tuesday, Dallas Judge Eric Moye gave Ms. Luther the chance to apologize and admit her selfishness in lieu of jail time, which she refused. Her jailing sparked a firestorm among conservatives and Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick even offered to serve house arrest on her behalf.

Ms. Luther spent two of the seven days she was sentenced behind bars. She was released from the Dallas County Jail Thursday after the Texas Supreme Court intervened.

A GoFundMe page for Ms. Luther reached $500,000 before further donations were disabled.

“Sen. Cruz coming is something I would have never dreamed of and my daughter getting to meet someone so influential, it’s overwhelming in a great way. I’m not going to take any of this experience for granted.”

Shelley Luther

Ted Cruz Gets Haircut at Shelley Luther’s Salon