WHO: Wants Governments to Restrict Alcohol Consumption

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source: International Business Times

The World Health Organization/Europe (WHO) is calling on governments to limit alcohol consumption during lockdowns because of the coronavirus pandemic.

The organization expressed concern about alcohol consumption during stay-at-home orders, saying that it can increase the risk of partner violence, alcohol poisoning, physical and mental health issues, and does not protect against COVID-19.

The WHO has suggested that governments enforce rules and regulations on alcohol consumption and even restrict access to alcohol. The organization wants alcohol regulation to be reinforced during the COVID-19 pandemic, warning about the danger that any relaxation of these rules or their enforcement could cause during a lockdown situation.

According to the WHO, alcohol consumption can make a person more vulnerable to COVID-19 as it compromises the body’s immune system and can increase adverse health effects. Because alcohol is a psychoactive substance, it can exasperate mental health issues, especially while in self-isolation during a stay-at-home order.

The WHO said that it is a generated myth that consuming high-strength alcohol, such as ethanol, can kill COVID-19. The organization warned against drinking alcohol that has been mixed with methanol, which it said can cause severe health problems and even lead to death.

Alcohol is responsible for 3 million deaths a year globally, with a third of these deaths occurring in Europe, according to the organization.

“Alcohol is consumed in excessive quantities in the European Region, and leaves too many victims…..During the COVID-19 pandemic, we should really ask ourselves what risks we are taking in leaving people under lockdown in their homes with a substance that is harmful both in terms of their health and the effects of their behaviour on others, including violence.”

Carina Ferreira-Borges

The WHO is recommending that people minimize their alcohol consumption at all times, particularly during the coronavirus pandemic.

WHO Wants Governments To Restrict Alcohol Consumption During The Coronavirus Pandemic: Here’s Why

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