Brit John Cleese: Mocks Americans for Buying Guns

Remember when John Cleese was funny?

Neither do I.

source: Breitbart

Cities across the United States are releasing hundreds of criminals amid the coronavirus outbreak, prompting gun owners to stock up on guns and ammo. And over the weekend, Monty Python star and British actor John Cleese mocked those Americans preparing to defend themselves.

“It strikes me that it’s terribly funny that the response of some Americans to a virus is to buy guns.”

John Cleese

A user responding to Cleese wrote “The poor British, unmanned, disarmed and proud of it. Yikes.”

“I think the British are proud that they DON’T need a gun to make themselves feel manly. And they would feel sympathy for any males suffering from feelings of inadequacy because they don’t own a gun. So…keep your pecker up, Brad. Remember, assault weapons keep ED away.”

John Cleese

Another individual tweeted Cleese a question: “How are the stabbings in London of late?”

Cleese’s response: “Glad to report that few of them are done with guns.”

Of course, a person stabbed to death is dead, whether a gun was used or not. Just as a person run over by a terrorist driving a truck are dead, whether a gun was used or not.

On January 4, 2020, Breitbart News reported the number of people murdered in London has reached its highest level in a decade under the leadership of Mayor Sadiq Khan.

British Actor John Cleese Mocks Americans Buying Guns in Response to Coronavirus

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