Biden: It’s Trump’s Fault

This doofus shoulda been put out to pasture a loooong time ago!

Biden and the Dem gots ta be keepin’ things political. They keep contradicting each other. Which is it?….. One Dem praises Trump…. Another rips him! These jerks need to get their stories straight!

source: The Hill

Former Vice President Joe Biden on Monday accused President Trump of dithering in the early days of the coronavirus, saying that a “failure of planning and preparation” by the White House has worsened the health and economic crises the nation faces. 

Speaking from a makeshift studio at his home in Delaware, Biden made his first public remarks about the coronavirus in nearly a week, addressing concerns from some on the left that he has been ceding the spotlight to Trump.

The former vice president accused the Trump administration of ignoring early warning signs about the pandemic and of downplaying the disease at critical points when the virus was primarily concentrated in China.

“For too long, the warning signs were ignored…… For too long, the administration said the threats were under control, contained, or like the flu. The president said no one saw this coming. That’s just not accurate. Our intelligence officials were warning about the coronavirus threat in January. Just based on public information I had, I warned the threat was getting worse way back on January 27.”

Joe Biden

GEEZ LOUIZE! …. That changes everything if Joe warned us!!!


Joe…… Shut the FUCK UP!

Biden: Trump’s ‘failure of planning and preparation’ worsened coronavirus crisis

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