Hillary Clinton Attempts To Reverse Order To Appear At Deposition

Here we go again…tenth verse, same as the first!

Source: OAN

The deposition of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has been put on hold as her legal team pursues an appeal. Attorneys for Clinton filed the appeal Friday in an attempt to evade the sworn testimony to conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch.

A judge filed the order earlier this month, ordering her to testify over her use of a private email server during the attacks in Benghazi, Libya. As part of the 83-page appeal, Clinton’s lawyers called the impending deposition inappropriate, unnecessary and a clear abuse of discretion.

The head of Judicial Watch has said the move was interesting. He pointed out that the federal judge previously said there were more questions that needed to be answered beyond the original statements provided.

“I have to say I was surprised Mrs. Clinton sought this desperate review of the upper court,” stated Tom Fitton. “I say it’s desperate, I don’t believe it’s going to go anywhere, but who knows how the courts are going to rule.”

The conservative group attempted to get the former presidential candidate to testify in 2012 using a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit. Both parties were given 75 days to gather evidence and prepare depositions.

However, the date is now up in the air and it remains unclear when the appellate court will announce a verdict.

Hillary Clinton Attempts To Reverse Order To Appear At Deposition