New Type of Pulsating Star Discovered

In a galaxy far, far away…..!


A star that pulsates on just one side has been discovered in the Milky Way about 1500 light years from Earth. It is the first of its kind to be found and scientists expect to find many more similar systems as technology to listen inside the beating hearts of stars improves.

“What first caught my attention was the fact it was a chemically peculiar star……….Stars like this are usually fairly rich with metals—but this is metal poor, making it a rare type of hot star.”

Dr. Simon Murphy
Sydney Institute for Astronomy

Dr. Murphy shared the find with international collaborators to discover others had started to study the star, known as HD74423, which is about 1.7 times the mass of the Sun.

Together they have published their findings today in Nature Astronomy.

“We’ve known theoretically that stars like this should exist since the 1980s……. I’ve been looking for a star like this for nearly 40 years and now we have finally found one.”

Professor Don Kurtz
University of Central Lancashire, Britain

Stars that pulsate have been known in astronomy for a long time. Our own Sun dances to its own rhythms. These rhythmic pulsations of the stellar surface occur in young and in old stars, and can have long or short periods, a wide range of strengths and different causes.

There is however one thing that all these stars had thus far in common: the oscillations were always visible on all sides of the star. Now an international team, including researchers from the University of Sydney, has discovered a star that oscillates largely over one hemisphere.

New type of pulsating star discovered

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