Elizabeth Warren Gets Ass Kicked in Home State


source: CNN Politics

Sen. Elizabeth Warren has lost her home state of Massachusetts to Joe Biden, a jarring and perhaps final insult to her presidential campaign on another disappointing primary night.

The defeat will present new and immediate questions for Warren as she decides whether to continue her campaign. With 18 states having voted by Tuesday, Warren has yet to register a win or top-two finish. Over the coming days, many on the left are likely to call for her to leave the race, hoping that her departure might boost Sen. Bernie Sanders of neighboring Vermont, her fellow progressive.

A top Democrat and Warren confidant said she deserved the time to come to a decision on her own and shouldn’t be pushed from the race. But the reality is clear: She has no path.

“There is no path forward for her….It’s beneath her to remain” in the race.”

Warren Confidant/Top Democrat

Warren’s poor performance in her home state reflected a loss of support among her core groups: women, white college-educated voters and liberals.

Warren drew only around 1 in 10 female voters in Massachusetts, according to exit polls. That was significantly fewer than projected winner Biden, who led with around a third of women, and Sanders with 3 in 10.

Around 1 in 5 white college-educated Massachusetts Democrats chose Warren for the nomination — less than the 3 in 10 who voted for Biden and 3 in 10 for Sanders.

Finally, liberal voters, who might have split between Warren and Sanders, went strongly for Sanders, around 2 in 5, followed by Biden, around 3 in 10. Around 1 in 10 liberals voted for Warren.

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Elizabeth Warren suffers embarrassing defeat in home state of Massachusetts

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