A Vegan Protester Was Ready to Rush Biden Last Night…Until She Met Symone Sanders

Jill’s a pretty feisty woman….this is her second dust-up with stage jumpers. Unlike Burnie’s Dairy Activist, no bare udders. My question is…where’s all of Joe’s security?

Source: Townhall

Joe Biden’s senior campaign adviser, Symone Sanders, tweeted that she “broke a nail” at the candidate’s victory rally in Los Angeles, Tuesday night. But she was downplaying it. The broken nail was a bonafide battle wound. 

Biden was in the middle of his speech about the middle class vs. Wall Street on Tuesday when a vegan protester charged at him with a sign reading, “Let dairy die.” She didn’t get very far, however, because Sanders hurled herself at the stranger.

A second angle shows that Biden’s wife, Dr. Jill Biden, also stepped in to protect her husband.

Marveling witnesses encouraged both women to try out for the NFL.

(For those criticizing VP Biden and suggesting he wasn’t a real man for letting two women be his bodyguards, I think that’s a bit of a stretch. Anyone would be caught off guard in that scary moment. Good to know he has strong women beside him!)

The Biden campaign got a second wind following their super Super Tuesday. The former vice president won several key states, including Virginia, Minnesota, and Massachusetts. Media pundits had previously written him out of this election after his abysmal showings in the Iowa Caucus and the New Hampshire primary. And his campaign surrogates, particularly Symone Sanders, had been trying to spin their way out of it. 

A Vegan Protester Was Ready to Rush Biden Last Night…Until She Met Symone Sanders