Iran and China Are Pathological Coronavirus Liars. Why Do Democrats Want To Trust Them?

Because the leftist just trust other leftist. Take nuclear treaties and agreements for instance.

Source: Washington Examiner

Confronted with the COVID-19 virus epidemic, the Chinese and Iranian regimes have unveiled their truest character: a near absolutist impulse toward deception and an absolutist focus on avoiding damage to regime elites.

Consider the ridiculousness.

China’s response to the coronavirus epidemic has been quite astonishing.

When first confronted with a mass epidemic, Beijing resorted to throwing concerned doctors in prison. Then, it stacked its citizens into crammed hospitals and concealed the suffering that followed. Many, including under-equipped health professionals, died. Next, China lied to the world about the scale of the crisis. Then, when it could lie no longer, it deployed Chinese President Xi Jinping to walk around Beijing, waving idiotically at public health officials. With North Korean-style propaganda music overlay, they told state media that now that the dear chairman had arrived, all was well. China is now threatening U.S. journalists who challenge their deception.

Truly, China is responding to this crisis with the same grotesqueness that defined the Soviet Union’s response to the Chernobyl nuclear disaster.

What of Iran’s coronavirus lies?

Well, as Jason Rezaian documents, the regime has been saying one thing while people on the ground say the exact opposite. Here, we see more proof of the ultimate lie that underpins Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s regime: its claim of humble service. As Iranians were lining up at hospitals in desperate need of care, the Iranian health ministry took to television to tell everyone that everything was fine. Then, in an act that would belong in a Monty Python sketch, were it not so serious, one of the officials who had taken to TV caught the coronavirus himself. Now, the regime doesn’t know what to say. This sad saga matches well with Tehran’s unrepentant lying over its January downing of a Ukrainian passenger airliner.

As I say, the scale of China and Iran’s disdain for the truth tells us something obvious: these are regimes not to be trusted.

It thus demands that we ask why 2020 Democratic presidential hopefuls are so keen to trust these regimes on other matters of great import. Namely, keen to trust China on its climate change claims and Iran on its nuclear program pledges.

In China’s case, it’s 2020 Democrats’ collective desire to accept China’s word on carbon emissions commitments. This was best emphasized by Michael Bloomberg at the CBS debate on Tuesday. Explaining why he believes a more concessionary approach toward Beijing is necessary, Bloomberg observed, “We have to deal with China if we’re ever going to solve the climate crisis.”

This is dangerously delusional stuff. It would jeopardize U.S. economic prosperity in return only for China’s promise to reduce carbon emissions. But it’s not just Beijing’s coronavirus reaction that should lead us to skepticism but what China is actually doing in regards to carbon emissions.

After all, China has always lied in terms of its climate reduction contributions to the Paris Accord. But more recently, that lying has gone to a whole other level. Take China’s massive buildup of heavy carbon polluting coal plants. Does that activity seriously suggest that Xi is being honest when he promises dramatic carbon reductions?

Give me a break. And yet, from Democrats and many others, China inexplicably gets a pass on these lies.

Similarly, on Iran, the Democratic 2020 field is demanding an immediate return to the 2015 Iran nuclear accord negotiated by President Barack Obama.

Putting meat on the bones of the 2020 field’s foreign policy rhetoric, Senate Democrats last week introduced legislation calling on the Trump administration to return to the 2015 nuclear agreement. This included the absurdly inaccurate claim that the agreement was working because, in part, it allowed the “IAEA to monitor and verify of 20 all stages of Iran’s nuclear fuel cycle to include requesting short-notice access to ‘verify the 22 non-diversion of declared material’ and ‘absence of undeclared nuclear material and activities’ in Iran …”

We know this is simply untrue. Israel’s Mossad intelligence service proved that Iran had breached its core commitments at least one month before the Trump administration withdrew from the nuclear accord.

So why say it? Why do 2020 Democrats insist, even now, on returning to a deal built on lies, which empowered Iranian aggression against us and young democracies, risked Israeli military action, and did little to prevent Iran from reaching an eventual nuclear strike capability?

As with China, the only obvious answer is that Democrats prefer cheap rhetoric to making hard calls.

Iran and China Are Pathological Coronavirus Liars. Why Do Democrats Want To Trust Them?