NYT: Trump Considers Coronavirus Czar

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“…… according to someone familiar with his comments……”

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source: New York Times

President Trump is holding an evening news conference to address the government’s response.

President Trump has privately expressed frustration to numerous officials about his administration’s efforts to stop a possible domestic outbreak of the coronavirus and has discussed appointing a “czar” to manage the administration’s response, according to someone familiar with his comments.

But a mixed public message emerged Wednesday from the White House as a spokesman denied that Mr. Trump was looking to hire a White House coronavirus coordinator, saying the president was “pleased” with the work that Alex M. Azar II, the health and human services secretary, was doing as the head of a task force overseeing the response.

Still, the administration has been struggling with a sluggish reaction, even if Mr. Trump has been reluctant to give in to what he considers an “alarmist” view about the virus, an administration official said. Mr. Azar, testifying before a House subcommittee, confirmed on Wednesday afternoon a new case in the United States, bringing the total to 60 who have been infected here. Mr. Azar said that health officials were still figuring out how the new person became infected.

The president has called a news conference for 6 p.m. to discuss the virus and has publicly praised his administration’s response. On Wednesday morning, he condemned the news media, saying journalists were making the coronavirus “look as bad as possible.” Contradicting some government experts who see the coronavirus threat as only beginning, he is still convinced that, like the flu, the new coronavirus will dissipate with warmer, more humid weather.

The possibility of the virus spreading in the United States comes as the administration grapples with cuts and personnel moves that critics say have weakened the system for dealing with such health crises. The White House in 2018 eliminated a dedicated position on the National Security Council to coordinate pandemic response, the same year that the Trump administration dramatically narrowed its epidemiological work, from 49 countries to 10.

In November, a task force at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, which included five current and former Republican senators and House members, warned that “the United States remains woefully ill-prepared to respond to global health security threats” and recommended the reinstatement of an N.S.C. coordinator and a recommitment of funding and attention to global health programs.

Trump Considers Naming Coronavirus ‘Czar’

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