Judge Jeanine Blasts Obama-Nominated Judge In Roger Stone Case: ‘I’m Stunned At Her Behavior’

Who isn’t ripping Roger Stones Judge? This case will be appealed.

Source: FOX News

“Justice with Judge Jeanine” host Jeanine Pirro slammed U.S. District Judge Amy Berman Jackson for admonishing Tucker Carlson instead of focusing on the fact that the jury forewoman in the Roger Stone case expressed anti-Trump and anti-Stone sentiments on social media before the longtime Republican consultant’s trial.

“I’m stunned at her behavior,” Pirro said Tuesday on “Tucker Carlson Tonight.” “Any judge who concerns herself with the media or the press needs to get a thick skin or at least wear a few robes to make it look like she has thick skin. She should not be worried about you or anyone else. She’s got a job and she needs to stay in her lane.”

Pirro noted her long history as a judge and district attorney in Westchester County, N.Y.

“She is a judge who should be outraged that a foreperson on a jury that convicted a man on seven counts may have lied to her [and] may have exhibited such jury bias that it would demand a new trial,” Pirro told Carlson. “But no, she’s mad at you, she’s mad at the president …”

Pirro slammed Jackson for deciding to have the hearing on alleged jury bias behind closed doors, as opposed to in public.

“Here’s the bottom line. The juror foreperson outed herself,” she said. “Everything in my gut tells me [Forewoman Tomeka Hart] wanted to get on that jury and denied doing anything that was partisan. Shame on the judge.”

Carlson noted that Jackson has also taken the unprecedented step of keeping Stone under a strict gag order even after his conviction, which he said was a malevolent restriction on Stone’s constitutional rights and has kept him from speaking publicly despite being attacked by entities like CNN.

“She was appointed by Barack Obama. She’s an openly partisan Democrat. She’s made no attempt to hide that,” he said, adding that Jackson should be impeached.

Stone was sentenced to three years and four months in prison last week following his conviction in November on charges of lying to Congress and intimidating a witness in connection with the Trump-Russia probe.

Stone’s defense team filed a motion Friday arguing that Jackson’s statement that the jury in the case had “served with integrity” should disqualify her from presiding as Stone pursued his bid for a new trial.

His lawyers claimed that an unnamed juror “misled the court regarding her ability to be unbiased and fair and the juror attempted to cover up evidence that would directly contradict her false claims of impartiality.” It was an apparent reference to Hart, whose anti-Trump social-media posts included quoting someone who referred to Trump as the “#KlanPresident.” Some of the posts later vanished from her Twitter feed.

Judge Jeanine Blasts Obama-Nominated Judge In Roger Stone Case: ‘I’m Stunned At Her Behavior’