Hong Kong: Robbers Steal 600 Rolls of Toilet Paper

Coronavirus Causes Shitty Situation!

source: CNN

Police in Hong Kong have arrested two men and are searching for a third after the group stole about 600 toilet paper rolls, in a robbery likely sparked by coronavirus fears that have gripped the city.

Early Monday morning, a delivery worker was transporting goods to a supermarket in the city’s Mong Kok district. He had placed about 50 packs of toilet rolls, containing a total of about 600 rolls, outside the supermarket when three men stole them, a police spokesperson told CNN.

Several hours later, the police found the stolen toilet rolls in a nearby guesthouse, and arrested two of the men. They are investigating the incident as a robbery, and are still looking for the third suspect. No additional identifying information for the three men is available at this stage.

The robbery comes amid heightened fears of supply shortages in Hong Kong as the novel coronavirus outbreak continues to spread. The coronavirus, formally known as Covid-19, has infected more than 71,000 people globally, with 57 confirmed cases in Hong Kong. One person has died of the virus in the city — marking one of only five deaths that have taken place outside mainland China.

A man stands in front of TV screens broadcasting a speech by Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam on February 3. Lam said the city would shut almost all border-control points to the mainland.

Three men stole 600 toilet paper rolls in Hong Kong amid fears of coronavirus shortages

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