Backlash on Harriet Tubman Debit Card


It’s Black History Month!

source: Newsweek

OneUnited Bank, the largest black-owned financial institution in the U.S., is facing ridicule for releasing a new Harriet Tubman debit card to coincide with Black History Month.

Tubman freed dozens of slaves after escaping from slavery herself in the 19th century. OneUnited Bank described its card as a “symbol of black empowerment” in 2020.

The bank also said the introduction of the card “will help pave the way” for Tubman to appear on the $20 bill as the U.S. Treasury proposed back in 2016.

However, many people on social media criticized the bank for using an image of a woman who fought against slavery to promote a capitalistic idea.

“Harriet Tubman is the ultimate symbol of fearless organizing and rebellion against a sadistic capitalist enterprise (slavery)……….Put Oprah on yall visa card and go.”


“Harriet Tubman ain’t escort all those slaves to freedom for y’all to do this…and y’all should know better.”

Norman Seawright III
Sports Reporter

Others also mocked the card for appearing to show Tubman performing the “Wakanda forever” salute from the Marvel superhero movie Black Panther.

OneUnited Bank Faces Criticism Over Harriet Tubman ‘Wakanda Forever’ Debit Card for Black History Month

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