Loretta Lynn: Country Music is Dead

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source: Fox News

Country music legend Loretta Lynn is ready to declare that her music genre of choice is “dead.”

The “Coal Miner’s Daughter” singer didn’t hold back when she was interviewed by fellow country artist Martina McBride on her podcast, “Vocal Point.”

“They’ve already let it [die]………..I think it’s dead. I think it’s a shame. I think it’s a shame to let a type of music die. I don’t care what any kind of music it is. Rock, country, whatever. I think it’s a shame to let it die, and I’m here to start feeding it.”

Loretta Lynn

McBride, 53, pointed out that Lynn seemed “mad” at the state of country music today to which Lynn responded: “Yeah. I’m getting mad about it. I am. Because it’s ridiculous.”

“I’m not happy at all. I think that they’re completely losing it. And I think that’s a sad situation because we should never let country music die. I think that every type of music should be saved, and country is one of the greatest. It’s been around, as far as I’m concerned, longer than any of it.”

Loretta Lynn

Lynn, who has been battling some health issues in recent years, scoffed at rumors she was on her “deathbed” in June.

“Hey, this says I’m in a nursing home and I’m on my deathbed. You’re kidding me! I’m not dead and neither is Willie [Nelson]! Both of us are coming back to life and we’re gonna raise hell.”

Loretta Lynn

Lynn was hospitalized for an unspecified illness in October 2018 and fractured a hip a month later.

Calamity Jane used to hang with Loretta’s daughter Patsy.

I remember playin’ pool with Patsy in a bar in Davis, West Virginia when Patsy was 8 months pregnant! We were in WVA for a The Blackwater 100 motorcycle race.

The bar had a dirt floor and there was a dog sleepin’ under a heating radiator!

Patsy married a dirt bikin’ friend of Mr Calamity’s. Loretta used to host a National Hare Scramble cross country event at her ranch in Hurricane Mills.

Loretta Lynn declares country music is ‘dead’: ‘I’m getting mad about it’

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