Gun Control Bill Passes in Virginia

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source: ABC News

The Virginia state legislature passed a package of gun control bills Thursday, more than a week after thousands of the legislation’s armed opponents marched through Richmond.

Virginia’s House of Delegates approved seven pieces of legislation aimed at curbing gun violence, including universal background checks, a monthly limit on handgun purchases and “a red flag” law, which would give judges and police officers the authority to remove a weapon from an individual if they pose a threat.

The state Senate, which — along with the House — gained a Democratic majority for the first time in more than twenty years this year, passed five similar bills two weeks ago. Proponents of the gun control measures said the bills would ensure fewer injuries, deaths and suicides around the state.

“I want this body to put the lives and safety of our constituents first. For too long this body has put the convenience of gun owners over everybody else.”

Patrick Hope
Virginia House of Delegates

Gov. Ralph Northam has expressed strong support for the bills.

The bills were met with some opposition from delegates, who argued that they infringed on the second amendment rights of their constituents. Del. Les Adams contended that the bills would not decrease crime in the state.

“Bills that chip away at those rights are strongly resented by our people.”

Les Adams
Virginia House of Delegates

Last week on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, several gun rights groups including the Virginia Citizen Defense League lobbied against the bill in a tense rally.

Northam issued a state of emergency following credible threats of violence on Lobby Day, and banned all weapons from the state Capitol grounds while the rallies took place.

Despite the order, 16,000 armed gun rights activists marched through the streets of Richmond outside of the prohibited areas.

Sure!….. Of course Northam expressed strong support!

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Gun control bills passed Virginia despite show of force from opponents

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