Coronavirus: Ain’t Got Nothin’ to do With Corona Beer

But it is shitty beer!

Try it without the lime wedge and you’ll see why they started putting the lime in that swill in the first place!

source: USA Today

As new coronavirus outbreak continues to spread, some people seem to think that the deadly outbreak is somehow related to Corona beer. It’s not.

The alcoholic beverage from Mexico showed a surge in Google searches in the past week, along with the term “corona beer virus” and “beer virus.”

In the United States, Google Trends calculated that 57% of the people that searched one of those terms searched for “beer virus,” and the remaining 43% searched for “corona beer virus.”

States like Hawaii, New Mexico and Kansas are searching “beer virus” more, whereas states like South Carolina, Colorado and Arizona are searching “corona beer virus” more. 

Google Trends tweeted Tuesday that “coronavirus symptoms” had spiked +1,050% this week. The search engine also included top questions on the coronavirus from the past 24 hours which included “what is coronavirus” and “is coronavirus deadly.”

Google and Constellation Brands did not immediately respond to USA TODAY’s request for comment on the recent search surge.

The coronavirus has nothing to do with Corona beer. But, some people seem to think so.

Calamity Jane