Exclusive—‘You F*cking C*nt’: Stephanie Grisham Inundated with Sexist Hatred, Threats as Establishment Media Pile On

This is truly disgusting behavior…Some really sick shit, please wake me up when someone finally gets arrested.

Source: Brietbart

White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham has seen an increased level of overtly hateful messages and sexist threats since the establishment media have intensified criticisms of her in recent weeks, Breitbart News has learned exclusively.

“F*ck you,” one person wrote in red ink to Grisham in one such message.

One person sent her a teddy bear covered in what looked like blood. The teddy bear never made it to her, as the Secret Service intercepted it before it was delivered to her—and all she got was a photo of the maimed teddy bear.

The White House provided Breitbart News with these and other samples of hate-filled vitriolic messages Grisham has been receiving—most sent to the White House address, but some she has been receiving at her home address—in recent weeks and months.

They have intensified as CNN, the Washington Post, and the New York Times have published a steady stream of attacks against her, whining that she has not done an on-camera briefing since taking the job. All three outlets have engaged in a series of hits ripping her, and as they have done so, the threats against her have increased.

Breitbart News is publishing images of the threats here, and redacting personally identifying information that could reveal who sent them to the White House or Grisham’s personal address. They include postcards, letters, social media messages, and even the apparently bloodied teddy bear. These images are graphic in nature, filled with vile and disgusting language, and are just a small sample of the broader attacks Grisham has endured since taking the job as President Donald Trump’s White House press secretary.

Grisham, one of Trump’s top aides who has been at the president’s side since early in the 2016 presidential campaign, told Breitbart News for this story that she understands part of the job is dealing with unprecedented opposition, but the media hatred directed at her is making it worse.

Several top allies of the president, including a number of women who work throughout the administration and on the president’s re-election campaign, as well as other outside allies of the White House, defended Grisham from this hateful vitriol in exclusive statements to Breitbart News on Thursday evening as well.

Someone wrote in a handwritten postcard to Grisham with a postmark in Texas:

I am tired of lies. I am tried of racism. I am tired of the swamp. I am tired of ‘alternative facts.’ I am tired of cover for the Drumpf. I am tired of bully tactics. I am tired of rapists. I despise dictators. I wonder will you kiss the ring? the ass? The Putin-lover, the dictator-lover? You have already, I know. Are you going to kick out journalists? Are you a Sarah Sanders wannabe? Will you always praise the racist in chief? Are you a racist? I know… you don’t care either, do you? Watch your pussy.

Grisham, for her part, is taking it in stride but criticized the establishment media in an exclusive statement to Breitbart News for refusing to hold themselves accountable and refusing to hold themselves to the same standards they project onto others.

“Being the President’s spokesperson makes me a public figure, and that comes with a lot of attention–often negative,” Grisham told Breitbart News. “That’s always been a part of the job, especially for Republicans. But the media’s coverage of this President and his staff has escalated the negativity to unprecedented levels, as evidenced by my predecessor being the first press secretary to have a Secret Service detail. The media say they are here to ‘hold the powerful accountable,’ which is a noble goal. But who holds the media accountable? They circle the wagons to protect each other–even though their ‘mistakes’ always go in one direction–but pile on the people who don’t share their views. There are consequences for this, especially for those of us who find ourselves in their crosshairs.”

And it goes on and on and on…………………….

Exclusive—‘You F*cking C*nt’: Stephanie Grisham Inundated with Sexist Hatred, Threats as Establishment Media Pile On