Sharon Stone Endorses Pete Buttigieg for President

Just keep makin’ shitty movies, Sharon.……

My ‘Basic Instinct’ tells me that politics ain’t your strong suit!

source: Yahoo Celebrity

Sharon Stone is putting support behind Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg.

The 61-year-old Oscar winner took to Instagram and Facebook on Saturday to celebrate the former mayor of South Bend, Indiana, sharing why she feels he should follow Donald Trump as the president of the United States.

“I support PETE for president because I believe he is the candidate that will take us to a safer, more thoughtful future!”

Sharon Stone

Stone’s support for Buttigieg isn’t too unexpected, as she’s previously shared her interest in his campaign. Over the summer, she took to Twitter to praise Buttigieg’s “profound authenticity” because he reminds her of why she became politically active as a teen.

Stone’s support for Buttigieg continued throughout the latter half of 2019, with several Facebook and Twitter posts celebrating the Democratic nominee hopeful.

Stone isn’t the first celebrity to throw weight behind Mayor Pete. Last month, Kevin Costner endorsed Buttigieg, tells a crowd in Iowa that “every four years we get the chance to either hold the course we’re on or set up a signal that we’ve tried it and it’s not right. And we’re gonna demand something better.”

CNBC reported that Buttigieg has received financial donations from Frances McDormand, Michael J. Fox, and Alyssa Milano (the actress-and-activist also co-hosted a fundraiser for Joe Biden, according to Variety).

Sharon Stone supports Pete Buttigieg for president: ‘I believe he is the candidate that will take us to a safer, more thoughtful future’

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