Throw Back Thursday Jane Style…What Was One, Or More, Favorite Dishes Your Mother Or Father Made While Growing Up?

Have to include the guys in this. In my house I did 95% of the cooking. I braise, and simmer…with Mrs. J. it’s heat and serve. The meals I prepare are from the heart. I know LauraR is in the same boat, I can feel her love for preparing food for others to enjoy…it’s an art.

Please be patient with me about starting this venture. I’m currently moving and making a lot of four hour road trips between the two places. My owner in Austin developed stage four brain cancer about eight months ago, he will not survive much longer. The company is small and they’ve been in retail for about twenty years, I was brought on to get us into Foodservice. After four years they have decided to go back to retail only and because of the owner being strapped for money with his cancer, I left the company. Not all bad, I get to go home permanently now and be with the love of my life.

This thread today is just kind of an ice breaker if you will. Let’s talk and I will have something permanently soon. Eat, Drink and be merry!

I’ve been talking with Jane about starting a weekly cooking thread where we can share thoughts, recipes and memories of our current experiences and of course the past. My mother was a great cook and other than lima beans and liver & onions, I ate everything she served. My father loved to cook as well.

My kids call all the time for recipes and cooking tips, never their mother, she’s a good cook, but I cook from the heart. I have a nasty habit of telling her how to cook and she turned over the reins over to me over 25 years ago.

One time I worked as a Director for chain of restaurants in another city, which meant for a year I lived in a hotel room and returned home for the weekends. I cooked the entire weekend preparing daily meals for the family so Mrs. J didn’t have to worry about cooking…I loved it! I would freeze wrap the individual portions so they could thaw, heat and eat.

Together we can create a great thread…everyone has something to offer. I have also learned through my years in leadership roles with different companies that the best ideas come from those who contribute. Case in point….Norman Brinker, back when he was President of Steak&Ale and Bennigan’s he launched the first idea of celebrating St. Patrick’s day in a very big way with tents, outside serving drinks and green beer. It was a smashing success…he told the story years later the idea came from a bus boy at one of the restaurants.