George Lopez Hollywood Leftist Jackass: “We’ll Do It for Half”

Another Hollywood leftist douche who thinks he can spew his ‘freedom of speech’ protected bilge without reprisal.

Does the name Kathy Griffin ring a bell?

Enjoy your visit from the Secret Service, George!

source: Daily Caller

Comedian George Lopez responded to news of a call on Iranian state television for an $80 million bounty on President Donald Trump’s head by saying “We’ll do it for half.”

Trump on Thursday ordered the drone strike that killed Iranian Gen. Qasem Soleimani near a Baghdad airport. Both the president and the Department of Defense defended the killing as an action against “imminent” threats posed by the Quds general to U.S. diplomats and service members.

However, during Soleimani’s funeral on Iranian state TV, a eulogist could be heard calling for an $80 million bounty on the U.S. president’s heat, one dollar for every person in Iran. It was unclear if the call officially came from the Iranian government.

Responding to reporting on the bounty from Chicano World News ……..

“We’ll do it for half.”

George Lopez on Instagram

Lopez’s post left many on social media wondering if the U.S. Secret Service was looking into the matter:

‘We’ll Do It For Half’: George Lopez Responds To Iran Bounty On Trump With A Threat Of His Own

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