Best and Worst Christmas Presents: Ever Given or Received

Gift giving time!

OK gang!……Fess up! We’ve all been given some really great gifts and hopefully received a few awesome presents in return as well.

Through the years, I’m sure you’ve also been the unfortunate recipient of a real clunker of a gift here and there. Did ya ever give a really crappy gift that embarrassed your cheap ass?

Christmas gift giving can be hit or miss. Every once in a while, even though you have the best of intentions in mind, ya just drop the ball….. That’s just the way it is, cowboy……..Ya misread the play!

On the other side of the gift giving coin is the gift that blows you recipient away….. That great gift that ya gave someone that was just epic! …..OR!….. Maybe someone gave you an awesome gift that will always be remembered and cherished.

Share your Christmas gift giving experiences with the rest of us at the J3 Ranch!

H/T Victor

Calamity Jane