Peloton Slammed: Sexist Ad?

Woe the day people won’t have something to bitch about!

source: Yahoo Lifestyle

Peloton’s new holiday ad was supposed to inspire potential stationary bike customers, but some Twitter users felt it was promoting sexism and unachievable life goals instead.

In the November 21 spot titled, “The Gift That Gives Back,” a mother identified as “Grace from Boston,” receives the bike (which retails for $2,245) as a Christmas gift from her male partner.

“First ride. I’m a little nervous, but excited. Let’s do this,” Grace says in a video diary.

Each day, over the course of one year, Grace films herself riding after work and early in the morning, compiling the clips into a grateful video tribute to her partner. “A year ago, I didn’t realize how much this would change me — thank you,” says Grace. At the end, the couple watches the montage on the following Christmas, with Grace gazing at her smiling partner.

Commenters besieged the ad, tweeting about the wife’s already athletic appearance and linking the couple’s home to the company’s presumed audience.

Get a FUCKIN’ life, people!!!!!

Gee! Maybe hubby just wants his lovely wife to lead a healthy and active life instead of turning into a blubbering mass of protoplasm from a sedentary existence watching ‘Days of Our Life’ while eating Bon-Bons with her ample ass parked on the couch.

Peloton holiday ad goes viral for its ‘sexist’ message

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