French Fry Shortage in US!

The Horror!

source: Business Insider

Cold weather has led to a potato shortage in North America, threatening the availability of french fries, Bloomberg reported Monday.

Potato crop yields dropped in areas like Alberta and Manitoba in Canada and Colorado, Idaho, North Dakota, and Minnesota in the US because of cold-weather snaps from September to November.

Bloomberg reported that retailers were after long potatoes to make their french fries, but there have been fewer of those as the cold weather has stunted their growth and destroyed some crop yields altogether.

“French-fry demand has just been outstanding lately, and so supplies can’t meet the demand.”

Travis Blacker
Idaho Potato Commission

The US Department of Agriculture predicted in a report on November 8 that the production of potatoes at US farms would drop substantially this year.

It said potato production for the 2019 crop year was forecast at 22.4 million tons, down 6% from the prior year.

The US is fighting a french-fry shortage because it’s been so cold that farmers are struggling to harvest their potatoes

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