The Left’s Biggest Enemy Isn’t Conservatism, It’s Cognitive Dissonance

“This great op-ed perfectly defines the madness that the left is trying to sell us.”

Source: Western Journalism

Cognitive dissonance is a phenomenon wherein individuals experience mental distress when they must hold beliefs that they know are contradictory. When confronted with facts that refute said beliefs, people need to either discard one of them (thereby solving the dissonance) or perform mental gymnastics to try to resolve the contradiction in their mind.

Alas, cognitive dissonance appears to be the affliction of our day, and the cacophony of contradictions of “woke” culture is to blame. Indeed, there is a psychologically confirmed positive correlation between depression and liberalism.

There are so many contradictions to resolve:

We must rid the world of nationalism, but we must also have socialism.

Capitalism is terrible; read more about this every day on your iPhone.

Anthropogenic (man made) climate change is making the world warmer, even though we’re experiencing an irrefutable cold wave.

Plastic straws are evil, so we’ll use paper straws in plastic wrappers.

Anyone can change their gender at any time with the stroke of a pen, but we must have 50 percent equal representation between men and women everywhere.

We must celebrate homosexuality and Islam at the same time.

Trump definitely colluded with Russia, but Obama didn’t when he promised Russians “more flexibility.”

Drowning out all this dissonance might be the reason for the relentless stream of propaganda against the president — noise pollution makes it easy to ignore any contradictions.

The most galling paradox among so-called progressives is their crusader’s zeal for absolute rule over all aspects of life when they cannot even run cities over which they have long had complete control. The urban rot of hopelessly blue cities and states are testaments to the failure of the modern Democrat, who is more interested in virtue-signaling their support to the cause de jour rather than running a functional government.

The Left’s Biggest Enemy Isn’t Conservatism, It’s Cognitive Dissonance

Huck Funn