Thanksgiving Dinner: What’s on Your Menu?

Another year and another holiday season is quickly approaching. I was gonna say “crawling up our collective asses”, but I’m tryin’ to clean up my verbiage!

Anyhoo!….. Thanksgiving is tomorrow and somebody must do the cookin’! That somebody is probably you! I’m off the hook for this year. Mr Calamity and I are heading to Buckeye-land for dinner with family.

SO!… The big question……. What’s gonna be on your menu?…… Are ya goin’ all traditional ‘n shit with turkey and all the prerequisite fixin’s?….. Or are ya gonna go rogue and smoke some ribs or brisket?

I say go rogue!…… But that’s just me.

It’s your holiday!…. It’s your menu!……..Cook whatcha wanna cook!

What’s on YOUR menu?

Calamity Jane