Jokes: A Laughing Matter

Remember…. Fuck ’em if they can’t take a joke!

Welcome to Calamity Jane’s Comedy Club.

It is Friday! Time to cut loose for some weekend fun.

I know that all of you deplorable bastards have a sense of humor.


Time to step up to the mic and stand in the spotlight. Share your best jokes with the rest of the asylum!

Gimme the mic!…… I’ll go first!

Trump Can’t Swim

Seeking a weekend break after a long week of Washington Witch Hunts;

Donald Trump jetted to his yacht, which was docked off the coast of Italy.  He invited Pope Francis and the press corps on board for a Saturday afternoon cruise. 

It was a rather windy day. The Pope’s little hat, his zucchetto, was blown from his head and into the water.

A crewman began lowering a boat to retrieve the zucchetto.  Trump told the crewman not to bother. 

Trump climbed down the yacht’s ladder; walked across the waves, picked up the zucchetto; walked back to the yacht and handed it to the Pope. 

The Pope and the press corps were amazed! Donald Trump could actually walk on water! 

Speculation immediately began as to how ABC, CNN, NBC, BBC, The Washington Post and New York Times would report this miraculous event to the rest of the world.  The next morning the New York Times headline read . . .


Calamity Jane