Reporter Chugs Coffee at Impeachment Hearing

And the #1 Star of yesterday’s hearings was……

source: Daily Mail UK

  • Emma Dumain took a large gulp from her coffee mug during yesterday’s hearing
  • She was on camera while Lt Col Alexander Vindman was giving his testimony
  • Viewers hailed the moment of light relief during a weighty day of evidence 

A journalist became an inadvertent viral star of yesterday’s impeachment hearings as she was spotted chugging a cup of coffee during the live coverage.

Emma Dumain took an enthusiastic sip from her coffee mug while Lt Col Alexander Vindman was giving evidence to Congress.

Viewers were quick to celebrate the moment of light relief on a weighty day of testimony.

‘Watching this mysterious woman chug her coffee, notice she’s on camera, and then finish chugging it is a lot more interesting than the actual testimony,’ said one.

Some Twitter users empathised with the reporter, one saying: ‘That woman drinking coffee is all of us’. 

Another said: ‘The lady downing the coffee behind Lt Col Vindman is my hero.’ 

Others commented on her enthusiasm for the drink, one saying: ‘When the coffee is just that good.’  

The caffeinated reporter was later identified as Emma Dumain of McClatchy.   

Speaking to Slate last night, Dumain said she had momentarily forgotten she was in shot – despite her friends telling her they could see her on screen. 

She explained she had picked up the Pret A Manger cup of coffee at Union Station on her way to the Capitol. 

“Of all of the embarrassing things that could happen on live TV that I may have done, this was definitely far from the worst thing that I can imagine.” 

Emma Dumain
Coffee Chugger/McClatchy

‘When the coffee is just that good’: Reporter who chugged a cup of joe during live coverage of impeachment hearings is hailed a ‘hero’ by viewers

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