Steelers vs Browns: Garrett vs Rudolph

The sports talks show are all talking about how long of a suspension should be dished out.

The question should be….

Probation or jail time?

Hmmmmm….The Po-Po were in the Cleveland locker room after the game….. I’m guessin’ they weren’t there for autographs.

source: CBS Sports

It was an unspeakable act that could’ve ended tragically, and while it didn’t, the fallout from Myles Garrett swinging a helmet at the unprotected head of quarterback Mason Rudolph on “Thursday Night Football” will likely be massive. Cleveland Police were seen leaving the Browns locker room after the game, and Rudolph’s agent has not ruled out potential legal action, with possible assault charges hanging in the air. 

The league’s front office will inevitably suspend Garrett, as Baker Mayfield himself expects for a move he described as “inexcusable”, and the punishment will potentially span the remainder of 2019 (or more).

It began as a normal football play wherein Garrett would sack Rudolph with only seconds left to play and with the Browns 21-7 victory well in hand, but immediately devolved into pure anarchy. Footage shows Rudolph struggling with Garrett’s helmet, and while it’s yet unclear if his hand was stuck or if he was genuinely trying to forcefully remove it, Garrett doing so to Rudolph before then taking a massive swipe at his head leaves no room for interpretation — visually.

Former NFL great DeMarcus Ware understands the latter point completely, but something doesn’t sit right with him about how it all went down. He believes there’s something else that occurred prior to the helmet swing that set off Garrett, and he wants to know what that something was.

“I woke this morning and I saw Myles Garrett — the things that transpired [against the Steelers] at the end of the game, and yeah, it was a heated time………..But my question is: are we going to get to the problem of what triggered it? What causes the violence in the NFL when so many kids look at us as role models? Are we going to get to the bottom of what really happened, instead of what we actually saw?”

DeMarcus Ware

What we actually saw was an assault, DeMarcus.

Myles Garrett, Mason Rudolph helmet fight: DeMarcus Ware is angry and wants to get ‘to the bottom of it’

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