The Last Resting Place of WW2 Submarine the USS Grayback Is Found Off the Coast of Okinawa

“Salute to the 80 submariners who died on the USS Grayback.”

Source: Daily Mail

A lost American war submarine that was sunk by Japanese forces more than 75 years ago and claimed the lives of 80 servicemen has been miraculously found after researchers realized war records mistranslated the coordinates of its last sighting. 

Complete list of Grayback crew members who were lost.

The U.S.S. Grayback, hailed as one of the most successful American submarines of World War II, was patrolling the South Pacific and South China Sea when it mysteriously disappeared in February 1944.

The submarine left Pearl Harbor on January 28, 1944 for its 10th combat mission and never returned. The Grayback torpedoed numerous enemy vessels, rescued downed American aviators, and sank more than a dozen Japanese ships during the war, as per the New York Times

The Navy listed the submarine, which ranked as the 20th most successful sub in WWII, as missing and presumed lost. 

After the war the Navy used Japanese military records to piece together the history of its lost subs. According to the 1949 record, the Navy believed the Grayback sunk in open ocean 100 miles east-southeast of Okinawa. 

The Last Resting Place of WW2 Submarine the USS Grayback Is Found

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