Here Is What Parents And Activists Say About Austin’s Progressive Sex Education

“Austin so wants to be like Cali. The key here is the parents have the choice to “Opt-Out”, but what will the peer pressure be like for the Opt-Out kids from the kids who have “Cool Parents”?”

Source: Daily Caller

An Austin, Texas, school district plans to implement explicit sex education in 2020, but parents and activists warned that this is an agenda-driven curriculum they fear sexualizes their children as young as 8 years old.

Texas state law requires that educators emphasize abstinence in public schools if they are going to teach sex education — a conservative policy in a state where 52% of Texans voted for President Donald Trump in the 2016 election. The law also mandates that parents have the ability to opt their children out of these lessons.

But the Austin Independent School District (ISD), located in liberal Austin, where about 66% of Austin residents voted for Hillary Clinton, drafted a curriculum that takes sex education to another level, parents told the Daily Caller News Foundation. These parents said the new curriculum teaches children sexually explicit material, how to obtain abortions, and how to get to an abortion clinic without a parent’s help, among other topics.

The New Human Sexuality and Responsibility Curriculum

The new Human Sexuality and Responsibility curriculum is an updated version of Austin’s former curriculum, which had not been updated since 2009, spokesman Scott Thomas from the Austin ISD told the DCNF.

Thomas said the Austin ISD board unanimously voted to pass the curriculum Oct. 28, following a survey that “overwhelmingly” showed support for the update.

However, the surveyshows that only 10.5% of family student primary contacts responded, leaving about 90% of family student primary contacts who did not weigh in on the curriculum.

Screenshot of ISD survey.

Here Is What Parents And Activist Say About Austin’s Progressive Sex Education