Japan Fish Auction: Snow Crab Sells for $46,000

Too much saki and a fat check book?

source: CNN Travel

A “five shining star” snow crab was auctioned off in Tottori, Japan for a whopping 5 million yen ($46,000) on November 7.

It’s the highest-ever price paid for a snow crab, according to the Tottori prefecture’s fishery promotion division, which was in charge of the auction.

The coveted crustacean was a male, weighing 1.2 kg (2.7 pounds) and measuring 14.6 cm (5.74 inches) wide.

The bid smashes the previous Guinness world record holding snow crab sale of 2 million yen ($18,000), which was set last year — also in Tottori.

This week’s winning bidder was Tetsuji Hamashita, president of fishery wholesaler Hanashita Shoten.

The 5 million yen snow crab will end up on a few lucky diners’ plates at an upscale restaurant in Tokyo’s posh Ginza neighborhood.

“I know it’s extreme. But it’s the custom……… But I am sure the taste of the crab matches the price.”

Tetsuji Hamashita
President Hanashita Shoten (fish wholesaler)

This year’s snow crab hunting season began on Wednesday, November 6, with the first auction — dubbed the “festive quotation market” — taking place the following day.

Snow crab sells for record-breaking $46,000 in Japan

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