‘Lucky’ Buddhist Statue Topples Over and Crushes Religious Leader as He Unveils it in Thailand

“I don’t believe in superstitions, they’re bad luck.”

Source: Daily Mail

A Buddhist statue collapsed and killed the religious leader who had just unveiled it in a freak accident in Thailand yesterday. 

Village chief Saman Chanthayothi, 52, was the guest of honour at the ceremony in Khon Kaen where the statue was unveiled on Monday afternoon. 

The monument was intended to bring good luck and fortune to local residents. But as the chief tugged away the cloth, the foundations cracked and the giant Buddha fell onto Saman’s head, pinning him to the ground. 

One resident, Surapol Thepboonma said: ‘I was standing beside Saman when he was unwrapping the statute. ‘Suddenly I heard a crack and people were panicking. They ran in different ways. ‘We gathered around the fallen statue after the dust had settled and we were shocked to find our village chief lying dead under the statue with his head crushed.’ 

‘Lucky’ Buddhist Statue Topples Over and Crushes Religious Leader

Huck Funn