Plant Based Burgers Face Backlash

Say it ain’t so!

And tell the cook this is low grade dog food.

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source: Yahoo Lifestyles

Anyone who food shops or eats out, even occasionally, has likely noticed the influx of plant-based meat alternatives on the market — from Burger King’s Impossible Whopper and Dunkin’ Donuts’ Beyond Sausage Sandwich to the vast array of vegan meat imitators, with products by Gardein, Tofurkey, Field Roast and more filling supermarket aisles across the country.

Now comes the backlash — led by both an aggressive ad campaign and a series of legislative efforts.

“What’s hiding in your plant-based meat?” asked a full-page ad in the New York Times on Monday about the “ultra-processed imitations” filled with mysterious ingredients — to which Impossible Foods shot back “the Impossible Burger has none of the noxious slaughterhouse contaminants that can be found in almost all ground beef from cows.”

Call it the all-out battle of the burger.

With vegan foods surging into the mainstream — the U.S. plant-based food space grew 11 percent between 2018 and 2019 to $4.5 billion — pushback has grown among those who oppose the shift.

“The hamburger itself is a national icon….. And for almost 100 years, it’s been synonymous with American life — and with American culinary life… There is such a simple joy associated with eating a hamburger. It’s an irreversible part of Americana.”

Adam Chandler

Perceiving a shift away from the hamburger, then, could really set people off — causing an angry response that activists say is inevitable.

“We used to just fly under their radar, but it doesn’t happen that way anymore,” Melanie Joy, a psychologist and activist and author of books including Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs, and Wear Cows, tells Yahoo Lifestyle about vegan activists and the meat industry.

“So, I’m not surprised. When a social movement gets strong enough to really challenge the power of the dominant system, the system fights back, and one strategy is to discredit beliefs and practices and everything that represents this change.”

Melanie Joy
Psychologist, Activist, Author

Burger wars heat up as plant-based meat faces backlash

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