Is Your House Haunted: 5 Signs to Tell

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source: Yahoo Lifestyles

Haunted houses may not just be Halloween attractions: Forty-three percent of people claim they have possibly lived in a home with ghosts, due to evidence such as hearing strange noises, spotting shadows and seeing objects move on their own, according to a new poll.

And while bunking with a spirit of the deceased would terrify most people, it’s precisely what makes a dream home for paranormal investigator Cory Heinzen. That’s why, in June, Heinzen and his wife moved from Maine to Harrisville, Rhode Island, where they purchased the actual farmhouse that inspired the scary 2013 film The Conjuring (its third installment will be released in September). The movie is based on the Perron family, who, in the 1970s, experienced horrifying paranormal activity during their nine-year residency: levitating furniture, ghostly apparitions and whispers of “dead soldiers buried in the wall.”

“Why wouldn’t you buy a home like this?” Heinzen, 40, asks Yahoo Lifestyle.

Since moving in, the family says it has heard running footsteps, raspy voices and whistling. One night, a black mist floated into the master bedroom, then disappeared……..

“It’s not an evil presence. But there’s something here.”

Cory Heinzen
Paranormal Investigator

Retired from the military, Heinzen offers his ghost-busting services free of charge, visiting homes to identify and document activity using digital recorders, video cameras and thermal detectors. If he detects energy, Heinzen recommends that shamans, psychic mediums or local clergy step in, depending on whether clients wish to communicate with or evacuate entities.

The Signs

  • Your belongings move or go missing
  • A child in the house seems to have identified a spirit
  • You hear unidentifiable noises
  • There’s an unexplainable bad odor
  • A previous death occurred in the home

However, unless there are clear signs, you may not realize you’re living in a haunted home. Depending on the state, sellers aren’t necessarily obligated to share whether someone died in a house unless directly asked.

House haunted? Paranormal investigator’s 5 signs you have a ghost

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